Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Free HR Software

The options for HR (human resource) management software range from complete enterprise level options right on down to free solutions aimed at small to medium businesses. For example some HR and Time and Attendance software, such as the Intelligent Time & Attendance supplied by Isys are aimed at larger scale companies from Enterprise down.

One problem facing many small businesses and start ups, particularly when looking for HR management software or solutions is the cost to entry. Many of these companies will neglect this important element, or perhaps on occasion they will search for free alternatives.

Free HR Software is few and far between, with only a few possible solutions available. Many of these are developed by one or two people as a side project and as such do not come with the support and growth most people expect from software these days.

One exception we've found is a solution developed by the aforementioned Isys Group. Isys is a development house that has been developing work force management software for many years. They maintain not only a large experienced development staff, but also a fully manned support team. Recently Isys have begun the development of a piece of free hr software call freeHR.

This software marks a departure from Isys' normal offerings in that rather than being aimed at companies with hundreds or thousands of employees, it is aimed at smaller teams and companies numbered in the 10's instead.

This software is being offered free, allowing small companies to track and maintain extensive HR records with no barrier to entry. Another benefit is that, there are additional 'bolt-on' modules to round the system out into a fully featured workforce management suite. The first of these modules is the free HR time & attendance add on. For a small monthly fee, companies are able to rent a terminal which by interfacing with the free hr software, allows staff to clock in & out of shifts and allows management a powerful reporting tool to calculate pay & benefits.

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